A variety of Viva Valentino Rockstud Replica Bag

Very strange, from Replica valentino handbags released after the entire field rockstud on their spring conference, which inserts a pyramid shape rivet bags and shoes, it engulfed the entire fashion circles, film and television. I’m trying to remember the next spring and summer fashion trends, in addition to various stoned “fairy potential”, as well as with a retro flavor of printing, and elegant white & fawn, which really can not think of a brand like “light rock” release. This may also become VALENTINO bags can really create a unique identification of the main reasons. Like the LOEWE puzzle jigsaw puzzle inspired by sweeping the globe like to go along with the trend, not necessarily a way out.


The 2016 spring and summer clothing show, bold and bright color and rich ethnic style of printing, filled with charming ethnic customs and exotic flavor. Show details, including side has a V-logo nameplate, but the backing is not small. Its debut, “dedicated” to the 1968 textile bags, this is the first time the brand V-shaped elements as a symbol. After a few decades, designers again to the V-shaped element of inspiration, taking into account the psychological needs of different customers to design a removable V-logo nameplate.

The Viva Valentino collection is a quite varied one. It features many models and a selection of colors. I selected a few models and will show them to you here in case you’re not familiar with this collection.

The red print perfectly represents the idea of Valentino. Valentino is all about opulence, extravagance, and drama and red sums that up. Plus, the combination between the golden rock stud details and the V logo jacquard. It definitely is a statement bag that will draw attention.